Wine Club

We are very fortunate to have excellent cellars at 23 Stonegate. Their perfect humidity, temperature and lack of vibration means that wines stored there mature gracefully and predictably – unlike many older wines bought elsewhere, that may have been stored in unsuitable conditions.

We store up to 80 different wines at any given time. Some of these are available in large quantities, while there are only a few cases of some of the older wines.

What is the wine club?

Founded by Alan Scott and Stuart Calder in 1978, the Wine Club was established with the intention of finding top quality wines at reduced prices. It is now run by Stuart Calder, with the aid of the wine club committee. We are a non-profit making enterprise and each member purchases a £50 share on joining the Club.

This share acts as the buying capital for the wines, and a small mark-up on each bottle pays for any administrative costs. Please note that only members can buy from the club.

What do you get?

There is an annual list of 70 to 80 wines, with a small description of each wine. In addition we send out regular offers of featured wines throughout the year, which comprise a mixed case of two to four wines, based on a theme – e.g.
Classic Chianti, Marvellous Minervois, Mediterranean Whites, Alsace at its Best etc.. To order, the member simply uses this site to order by email, and the wine is put out in the Cellars at the weekend, ready for collection.

Who finds the wines?

Many of the wines are specially imported by the Wine Club and enjoy an exclusivity in the U.K. Stuart makes three trips each year to France or Italy to discover new gems for the club. The samples from these trips are then tasted blind by the committee, and the best value wines are chosen for importation. Wines from other countries are discovered by attending the better trade wine
tastings each year.

Why are they such good value?

We use our buying power to buy 50 to 100 cases at a time, importing directly from the country of origin in over 50% of the purchases and thus achieve excellent savings. With no further wine merchant’s profit to further inflate the price, we then make even further savings, which are passed on to members of the Club. As an example, wines available to Club members for only £6.95 a bottle, are often available in the shops for £8.99.

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