Historical items 1900 – 1999

Public orations and talks at the Society

Many of the talks at the Society are reported in British Medical Journal and its forebears. Below is a selection of references to the society found in the BMJ Archive. If you are a member of the BMA then the links will take you straight to the articles.

York Medical Society – Inaugural address

1900 – Professor Alexander Macalister
Br Med J 1900;2:1207

York Medical Society – Inaugural address

1901 – Dr Savage
Br Med J 1901;2:1168

The History of Medicine in English Literature

1903 – Dr Norman Moore
Br Med J 1903;2:1078

Social Evolution and Public Health

1904 – Dr Arthur Newsholme
Br Med J 1904;2:1356

The York Medical Society

1906 – Dr William Allchin
Br Med J 1906;2:1144

Appendicostomy: With notes on the surgical aspect of Colitis

1909 – Mr J Bernard Dawson
Br Med J 1909;;1:78.

Professor Osler on the History of Medicine

1909 – Professor Osler
Br Med J 1909;2:1363

Some of the Less Common Aspects of Pneumonia

1910 – Sir Thomas Oliver
Br Med J 1910;1:1033.

The Diagnosis and Treatment of Sciatica

1912 – W. Bertram Watson
Br Med J 1912; 1

The Nature of Pregnancy and its Practical Bearings

1914 – JW Ballantyne
Br Med J 1914;1:349.

The Treatment of Neglected Cases of Club-foot

1921 – W. Paynter Noall
Br Med J 1921; 2

Address to York Medical Society on Medical Science and Social Progress

1935 – Lord Dawson of Penn
Br Med J 1935;2:829

Maternity in its Sociological Aspects

1936 – Sir Henry Brackenbury (Oration)
Br Med J 1936; 2

Gastrisis in Theory and Practice

1936 – Stanley Hartfall
Br Med J 1936; 1

Surgical Aspects of Congenital Heart Disease

1946 – A. Rae Gilchrist
Br Med J 1946;1:515

Little grains of sand.

1981 – Sir Ronald Gibson (the 150th Oration)
Br Med J (Clin Res Ed) 1981; 283