Historical Items 1832 – 1899

Public orations and talks at the Society

Many of the talks at the Society are reported in British Medical Journal and its forebears. Below is a selection of references to the society found in the BMJ Archive. If you are a member of the BMA then the links will take you straight to the articles.

Observations on Dyspepsia arising from Disordered States of the Mind

1841 – W.D. Husband
Prov Med Surg J: 1841;s1-3:205

Parencentesis Thoracis: When is it justifiable?

1855 – Daniel H Tuke
Assoc Med J?1855;s3-3:1089.2

Interesting Operation for Bronchocele 

1855 – Richard Hey
Assoc Med J 1855;s3-3:993

President’s Address

1882 – Mr Jalland Presidents Address
Br Med J 1882;2:1044

The use of Plaster-of-Paris in surgery

1883 – W.H. Jalland
Br Med J 1883;1:417

The York Medical Society 

1883 – Song sung at the Dinner
Br Med J 1883;2:952

The scientific element in medical education

1890 – Mr J Hutchinson
Br Med J 1890; 2

The York Medical Society

1892 – Sir T. Clifford Albutt
Br Med J 1892;2:917.3

York Medical Society

1893 – Mr Victor Horsley
Br Med J 1893;2:909

Treatment by Suggestion

1893 – Dr Milne Bramwell
Br Med J 1893;1:178

Emotional Expression

1894 – Sir J. Crichton-Browne
Br Med J 1894;2:887

Exercise and Over-exercise

1898 – Dr Lauder Brunton
Br Med J 1898;2:1272

The method of Sherlock Holmes in medicine

1899 – Dr G Balfour
Br Med J 1899;2:1808

The Prevention of Tuberculosis

1899 – Mr Frederick Shann
Br Med J 1899; 1