York Medical Society was established in 1832 for “The purpose of
promoting and diffusing medical knowledge” and can boast many fine speakers over an unbroken span of many years. We currently boast 295 members and we hold meetings (which I am reliably informed can be included as CME sessions) with guest speakers generally on Friday evenings followed by a supper.
The year of meetings commences on October 11th with the most important event of the season which is the Public Oration with a formal dinner in the evening. This years Orator is Professor Chris Ham, Chief Executive of the King’s Fund which as you will know has a very influential voice in the debate over the future of the NHS. His oration is titled “Transforming the Delivery of Health and social Care: what kind of system do we need in future?” and I am sure will stimulate a good debate.

This will be followed by the Annual Dinner to be held in the Merchant Taylor’s Hall which is always a good event not to be missed. There are plenty of opportunities at the dinner to bring friends, organise tables together etc.  Please put this date in your diary but further details will be sent out soon.

There follow meetings approximately 2-4 weekly by a varied array of interesting speakers ranging from an osteoarchaelogist to advances in prostate cancer research and even some activities including a guided walk in York) through until May 2014. Partners are warmly invited to attend these meetings and encouraged to join in with the social events.
I will keep you informed about these regularly in good time for you to attend but this year we have new events planned including social and family activities. You will be able to find the program on the website. 
There will be plenty of opportunities to break down the boundaries between primary and secondary care at the meetings by chatting with colleagues you only know by name. The Society depends and revolves around its members – my resolution for my Presidential Year is to promote the society and encourage more medical colleagues to attend, even if only once to try us out and hopefully to join. I hope you will help me with this task of spreading the word.
I look forward to welcoming you to a new season of talks and activities.



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