Dr Spence lived up to his billing and produced a series of challenges to the audience about current medical practice.
We started with issues around the use of statins - did the studies used as evidence for the use of these drugs in preventative medicine really stack up? Des attempted to persuade the audience that the rate of ischaemic heart disease was already on a downward profile long before we introduced drugs like aspirin and statins. Is there something else at work here - could it he suggested be related to reductions in infectious disease?
We then travelled through discussions on psychiatry and the value of PR and PV examinations. Again current perceived wisdom was challenged. We ended with a discussion on Chronic Pain. Are we right to accept that pain is 'what the patient says it is' and treat this with ever increasing doses of opioid drugs? 
Sadly the number of people who die 'accidentally from overdoses' from prescription analgesics is increasing and has reached incredible numbers in the USA. A sober thought.
Our thanks to Des for travelling down from Glasgow to provide a stimulating evening.



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