Andrew provided an interesting insight to the history of the Purey Cust Nursing Home which was was founded by Canon Purey Cust in 1914. 
His presentation was littered with interesting facts and old photographs that had many in the audience reminiscing of the good times they had experienced there.

Canon Purey Cust had been the Dean of York from 1880 to 1917 and was obviously popular with the people of York as when he retired it was decided to have a "Benefit Year" for him. During this year, a considerable sum of money was donated by people from all over Yorkshire from very ordinary people through to the very wealthy families. Canon Purey Cust decided to use this money to build the Purey Cust Nursing Home on land leased from the Dean and Chapter which was located directly opposite York Minster. 

Andrew covered the subsequent phases of enlargement, how it fared during the war years and its latter use as the Nuffield Hospital in York. He ended with some pictures of the plans for the site which can be seen in this website.



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Hi, You elaborate your thought so well and your written about some old photographs. If it is possible i love to see all the photographs in the audience reminiscing of the good times that you had wonderful experienced there.

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I definitely enjoyed every little bit of it. I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff on this post

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The article about Cust Nursing home was very touching. The life of Canon Purey Cust was very inspiring. This article helped me to get a good insight about my life. Thank you for posting such very good post.


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